Business Development with Legal Checkups

Legal Checkups
Legal checkups alert clients to opportunities for avoiding problems with a lawyer’s help.

70 years ago, lawyer Louis Brown advocated for client checkups in his Manual on Preventive Law. Until his death in 1996 at the age of 86, Brown continued to write and lecture about the benefits of checkups and preventive law. He also originated the ABA’s Annual Client Counseling Competition, established the National Center for Preventive Law, and funded an Annual Preventive Law Prize Award. Periodic legal checkups can be rewarding to lawyers and their clients. This article provides tips and resources for conducting checkups for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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Blumberg Announces Lease Updates for NY Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019


NEW YORK, October 22, 2019 ( – In the long history of New York landlord-tenant relations, the government has rarely cast such an extensive reversal of course in housing policy as it does in the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA). The HSTPA stops in its tracks the gradual conversion of units to the free market. Landlords will now have access to Summary Proceedings only for base rent and evictions. Actions to recover fees and costs must be brought separately, likely resulting in protracted litigation in the trial courts. These are only a few of the many provisions of the HSTPA that will make it more difficult for landlords to maintain the viability of their properties. Compliance with the law will be challenging. Continue reading “Blumberg Announces Lease Updates for NY Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019”

3 Tips on Keeping Costs Low for Any Small Business

3 Tips on Keeping Costs Low for Any Small BusinessI made the transition from government service to my own practice back in 2013. Six years later my Philadelphia appeals law firm is not only surviving but thriving. I’d like to share with you three tips about keeping costs down (and profit up!) that I wish someone expressly told me when I first started out on my own. Frankly, I had to learn these the hard way. Continue reading “3 Tips on Keeping Costs Low for Any Small Business”

Conducting a Managerial Audit  

Conducting a Managerial Audit  Audits have been used since ancient times to protect assets and assure financial reports. During the 1900’s, the use of audits expanded to reviews of management practices. Managerial audits help organizations avoid malpractice by assessing procedures and processes. Law firms of all sizes can use managerial audits to implement best practices in the office and the courtroom. Read on to learn more about managerial audits and resources for conducting one at your firm.

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Certificates of Good Standing

After an entity (either a business corporation, limited liability company or non-profit corporation) is formed, there is often a need to obtain a document which certifies that the entity is: a) still in existence; b) is up to date on its annual reports and franchise taxes; c) up to date on all of its statutory and administrative requirements.

That document is known as a Certificate of Good Standing (sometimes referred to as a Certificate of Existence or a Certificate of Status, depending upon the state). A Certificate of Good Standing is exactly what it sounds like. Continue reading “Certificates of Good Standing”

Strategies for Getting Organized

Abraham Lincoln had a successful career as a small firm lawyer for 25 years before becoming America’s 16th president. In notes for a lecture to lawyers, Lincoln attributed his achievements to diligence and honesty. Getting organized is another virtue for a successful career path. Organization can help you enhance productivity and reduce stress. Read on to learn strategies for getting organized in your law practice.  Continue reading “Strategies for Getting Organized”

Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 – LEASES

The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 became effective on June 14, 2019. All leases signed thereafter are subject the Act. We have been reviewing the Act with the attorneys that author several of the lease forms and hope to have them available at by mid to late August and printed forms about two weeks later. Continue reading “Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 – LEASES”