Successfully Starting a Law Firm

The Coronavirus Pandemic has imprisoned many lawyers with poor working conditions at inflexible firms. Escape paths include alternative careers, lateral moves, retirements, sabbaticals, and starting a new firm. The new firm path is best for lawyers with an entrepreneurial spirit and good organizational skills. This article provides startup tips for recent graduates and experienced lawyers. It includes links to articles, books, forms, and websites for starting a successful law firm.

Successfully Starting a Law Firm
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Five Elements Important In Licensing Agreements

A lawyer can draft a thorough licensing agreement that takes into account the most important elements of a licensee and licensor relationship.

What is a licensing agreement?

What is a licensing agreement?

A licensing agreement is a written contract giving permission to a licensee to use another party’s property, the licensor. This can apply to trademarks, patents, or their brand in its entirety. The agreement will contain specific details on the type of licensing agreement, how the licensor is compensated, and the terms of how things can be used. A Lawyer can help individuals as well as companies draft these important legal documents.

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Why Do I Need an LLC or Corporate Kit?

When you go to the trouble and expense of creating an LLC or Corporation — instead of operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership—you are doing so in order to avoid being personally responsible for the debts of the business and claims of third parties or employees against the business. An LLC or Corporate Kit is a highly efficient, time-honored way to way to help ensure that this crucial goal is indeed carried out. 

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Smaller Law Firms Need To Be More Adaptable

If there were ever an industry known for its reluctance to adapt to change, it would be legal. You might argue that this techno-conservatism is built into the architecture, so to speak. Lawyers spend long hours living in the historical world of legal precedents, studying old cases, and applying past laws to present cases. It makes sense that the ensuing business culture that developed among attorneys was a bit change-averse, to put it lightly.

Hybrid workforce for law firms

This, of course, is a generalization. But, law firms tend to have a reverence for tradition that is mild or completely absent in other industries. This post is going to explore the ways that reverence for tradition—in the form of a traditional brick and mortar law firm— may be holding back your attorneys, staff, and ultimately, your practice from growth. 

But first, let’s explore some myths regarding how the legal industry performed during the pandemic.

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Understanding Asset Protection And When You Need it

Asset protection ensures that your assets are protected in case of a lawsuit or claims of creditors with a trust or other legal document from an estate planning attorney.

Ultimately, planning for your future with asset protection helps prevent your assets from being seized by creditors. An estate attorney can help you choose the planning tools that act as a defense against litigation by creditors or even a malpractice lawsuit.

Asset Protection

Truth be told, anyone can get sued, whether for credit card debt, a car accident, a foreclosure, or more. This means that regardless of your net worth or salary, you should consult with our estate planning attorney to learn more about asset protection to avoid losing your assets or the need to file for bankruptcy protection. An Estate attorney will take the time necessary to assess and understand your needs and create a strategy for protecting your assets.

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What Can Be Done About Breached Business Contracts?

Starting a business is an exciting venture with lots of different details to consider. Drafting a legal business contract is important to minimize risks and provide legal protection for both you and your company. Even so, these business contracts can be breached, causing stress and panic.

breach of contract

A breach of contract can take on a variety of different forms in the business setting. As experienced business law attorneys, we’re well acquainted with various remedies and preparation techniques for managing breached business contracts.

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Blumberg Non-Profit and NY Not-for-Profit Kits

Any of our corporate kits may be purchased for non-profit corporations. In addition to the corporate record book and slipcase (or dust protection), all kits come with a corporate seal and zipper pouch, a 12-tab non-profit index (Cat. No. 5147), membership roll sheets, an A-Z index and, for kits without the PDFs described below, 50 sheets of 20#, 25% cotton minute paper. 

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5 Things Every Law Student Must Know to Succeed

Things Every Law Student Must Know

There’s no doubt that law students must learn a lot, which is why you spend so much time in education, but of course, you don’t need to remember every little thing. There are times when you’ll need information when you can simply look it up, but there are some facts out there that you’ve got to know off-by-heart.

And I’m not talking about facts, laws, or case numbers. I’m talking about the mindset of a law student. The processes you’ll need to go through. The secrets that define the line between being a ‘law student’ and a success story. So you can be the latter, here are the five things you need to know.

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