Smaller Law Firms Need To Be More Adaptable

If there were ever an industry known for its reluctance to adapt to change, it would be legal. You might argue that this techno-conservatism is built into the architecture, so to speak. Lawyers spend long hours living in the historical world of legal precedents, studying old cases, and applying past laws to present cases. It makes sense that the ensuing business culture that developed among attorneys was a bit change-averse, to put it lightly.

Hybrid workforce for law firms

This, of course, is a generalization. But, law firms tend to have a reverence for tradition that is mild or completely absent in other industries. This post is going to explore the ways that reverence for tradition—in the form of a traditional brick and mortar law firm— may be holding back your attorneys, staff, and ultimately, your practice from growth. 

But first, let’s explore some myths regarding how the legal industry performed during the pandemic.

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Deciding Whether to Require Masks at Your Law Firm

Law Office Reality

New Orleanians have celebrated Mardi Gras since the early 1800s. The holiday starts in January and continues until the day before Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras masks are made with a variety of materials including cardboard, feathers, plastic, and porcelain. A Mardi Gras tradition requires revelers to wear masks to hide their identity when taking part in parades or attending parties.

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Deciding Whether to Require Vaccinations at Your Law Firm

Scientist create vaccine for coronavirus Covid-19. Vector illustration concept of virus vaccination, vaccine, and cure for disease.

The development of Coronavirus vaccines took off in January 2020 when its genetic sequence was published. Vaccine development usually takes several years, but Covid-19 vaccines had a head start because the research was already underway when the pandemic began. The first vaccinations began in December 2020 kicking off the most urgent immunization effort since the polio vaccine. Following are things to consider about requiring vaccinations and resources for encouraging them.  

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Deciding When to Reopen Your Law Office

reopening your law practice60 years ago, Pete Seeger created a folk-rock classic by adapting verses from Ecclesiastes into the song Turn, Turn, Turn.  The song holds a message of change, hope, and acceptance. It reminds listeners that there are a time and purpose for everything. The evolving Coronavirus situation evokes the song’s theme because there was a time to close offices and now a time for reopening them.

Several large firms recently announced plans to reopen their offices due to increasing vaccinations and decreasing infection rates. A widespread return to offices probably will not occur until September 2021 when enough people have been vaccinated to achieve herd immunity. Meantime, the following are things to consider when selecting a date for reopening your office.

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Legal Issues Raised By Infecting Someone with COVID-19

Can you be responsible for someone contracting the coronavirus from you? If you get COVID-19, can you sue someone who infected you? Is intentionally infecting someone with COVID-19 a crime?

Perhaps. This article will explore the civil and criminal law issues raised by the coronavirus pandemic and is from the office of noted personal injury and RSD lawyers Schwarz & Schwarz. 

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Growing Income with an Estate Practice

Estate Planning Practice
Estate planning

Estate planning in the United States has evolved from English, European, and Middle Eastern traditions.  During Biblical times, custom required people to leave property to their firstborn. Centuries later in Greek and Roman times, decedents could transfer property to other people. Estate planning remained mostly unwritten until the Middle Ages when Roman Emperor Justinian adopted a law requiring written wills. The requirement for written wills was perpetuated by English statutes adopted during the Post-Medieval Period. In modern times, written estate plans are still essential for individuals wanting to distribute property to family, friends, and others of their choosing. 

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Successfully Working at Home

Over 140 years ago, Louis Pasteur revolutionized the treatment of infectious diseases by developing vaccines for anthrax and rabies.  After his death in 1897, virologists continued using Pasteur's discoveries to create vaccines against chickenpox, measles, mumps, yellow fever, rubella, and tuberculosis.

Modern-day microbiologists are likely to use Pasteur’s principles when they develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus.  Meantime, Coronavirus exiles can read this article for tips and resources to successfully work from home.

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