Celerity Digital Corporate & LLC Kit

Maintain all your customized entity documents in PDF format.

Blumberg announces the launch of Celerity©, a digital corporate kit and digital LLC kit providing Blumberg customers customized entity documents in a PDF format. With a few clicks, all the key LLC or Corporation documents are compiled and stored into several PDFs available to download and store in the safety of your computer or in the cloud.

The Celerity Digital kit has everything one would expect from Blumberg’s renowned LLC and corporate kit but with instant access. One great advantage is that you can start working on your entity paperwork within a few hours of placing the order.

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Why Do I Need an LLC or Corporate Kit?

Corporate Kits - LLC Kits
Blumberg Offers an extensive selection of corporate and LLC kits.

When you go to the trouble and expense of creating an LLC or Corporation — instead of operating as a sole proprietorship or partnership—you are doing so in order to avoid being personally responsible for the debts of the business and claims of third parties or employees against the business. An LLC or Corporate Kit is a highly efficient, time-honored way to way to help ensure that this crucial goal is indeed carried out. 

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NEW Corporate Manager

Corporate ManagerA protocol with forms for management of a corporate record book

Objectify important corporate activities required by business corporation statutes, help with audits and avoid piercing of the corporate veil!

A flash drive with suggestions for the ongoing management of your corporation record book with a questionnaire/checklist for annual record book maintenance, 12 pertinent forms and 29 resolutions. A basic set of Microsoft Word and pdf forms that enable you to easily complete and quickly cut and paste the appropriate forms together to create an annual record of actions taken and meetings held by the corporation. Continue reading “NEW Corporate Manager”

What is the Purpose of a Corporate or LLC Kit?

The Corporate Kit or LLC Kit is a customized organizational binder–and a convenient, tried-and-true way to gather and maintain your company’s management records.

When you form your  corporation or LLC (Limited Liability Company), it is critical to objectify the management of the business.  This includes an orderly organization of key documents —including minutes of the activities of the company, bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements, share certificate and stubs and transfers.

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How to Order a Corporate Kit

(for LLC Kits, go to How to Order An LLC  kit)

Do not order your kit until you have proof of filing of the entity (the formal State document that establishes that the entity is in existence on the State’s records). Too many organizers had to redo seals and certificates because of State rejection of the name or other contents in the filing documents or the filing was delayed beyond the New Year. If you are pressed for time because of a closing or other event, keep in mind that we ship kits the same or next day after it is ordered.

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