What is Manuscript Cover?

Manuscript cover is a grade of paper that has dimensional stability, durability, a uniform printing surface and folds and scores easily.¬† It is lightly calendared and uncoated, making it the softest and least smooth of the cover grade of paper. This gives it the attractive feel and printing versatility that enables it to be printed on presses and laser and ink jet printers. Continue reading “What is Manuscript Cover?”

What is a blueback?

legal covers (bluebacks)
Blumberg Bluebacks

The tradition of associating legal documents with the color blue originated in England several hundred years ago. In the United States, it began in the 19th century when, in jurisdictions such as New York, the word blueback designated the blue cover of legal documents.  Technically called a litigation back, the blueback is imprinted with the caption of the matter and includes several blank forms for proof of service, certification, and verification, to be used as needed in the particular case. It is typically customized with the card of the law firm or pro se party presenting the documents within. The public became familiar with bluebacks through seeing the blue-covered documents in courtrooms or used as props in films and television legal dramas.

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