Business Development with Legal Checkups

Legal Checkups
Legal checkups alert clients to opportunities for avoiding problems with a lawyer’s help.

70 years ago, lawyer Louis Brown advocated for client checkups in his Manual on Preventive Law. Until his death in 1996 at the age of 86, Brown continued to write and lecture about the benefits of checkups and preventive law. He also originated the ABA’s Annual Client Counseling Competition, established the National Center for Preventive Law, and funded an Annual Preventive Law Prize Award. Periodic legal checkups can be rewarding to lawyers and their clients. This article provides tips and resources for conducting checkups for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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Writing to Win Clients

About 120 years ago, novelist Emile Zola submitted an article to a Paris daily newspaper about the miscarriage of justice in a criminal case. The article helped win freedom for the accused and lasting recognition for the author.  Lawyers can likewise write articles to gain visibility and win new clients. This article provides writing tips and resources for lawyers who want to write articles to promote their practice.

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Law Firm SEO: How to Improve Your Visibility on Google

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series. Click here for part 2 in series.Law Firm SEO

Welcome back, readers. If you’re just joining us this is the third volume of How to Improve Your Law Firm’s SEO. We started the series by giving the basics requirements for a successful SEO campaign and the importance of Keyword Research and implementation. We followed that up with an in-depth look at On-Page Website Optimizations. Which brings us to our last, but not least, installment: Local SEO and the Importance of Backlinks.

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Law Firm SEO: How to Improve Your Visibility on Google

Part 1 of a 3 Part Series

To ensure you’re getting the maximum ROI from your website, you need to obtain targeted traffic. One of the most cost-effective places to get this traffic from is Google or other search engines. But creating a website doesn’t mean you’ll show up in search results, and if you do in a position that will actually drive traffic. That’s where search engine optimization comes into play. Continue reading “Law Firm SEO: How to Improve Your Visibility on Google”

Improving Client Relations with an Address Book

Opened address books with pencils
Keep in touch with clients by using an address book

Address books have evolved with 50 years of innovation since the invention of the Rolodex in 1956. The early 1980’s brought database software that was followed in the 1990’s by contact management software and personal digital assistants. Development slowed after the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000 but quickly recovered with the introduction of smartphones and customizable software in the mid 2000’s. During the past decade, cloud-based services for managing client information have become less expensive, more popular, and easily accessed using mobile devices. The creative use of an address book can improve client relations, boost your reputation, and attract clients. Continue reading “Improving Client Relations with an Address Book”

ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules

Savvy lawyers use marketing since reputation and contacts don’t always provide a steady stream of clients,. At its Annual Meeting in August 2018, the American Bar Association boosted marketing by amending its model rules on lawyer advertising to loosen restrictions, recognize technologies, and promote uniformity among states. The amended rules modify the ABA’s 110-year old ban on advertising by lawyers. Read on for a short history of the ABA’s advertising rules, a summary of the ways they have been amended, and a list of resources to help you market your professional services. Continue reading “ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules”

New Marketing Pamphlet about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Avoiding Liablity For Sexual Harassment

Avoiding Liability for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The New York laws require employers to adopt policies and provide training to prevent sexual harassment.

New York State and New York City recently joined other states and local jurisdictions that have laws to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Evolving laws and media attention make stopping sexual harassment imperative for lawyers and their clients, especially in states like New York that require employers to adopt anti-harassment policies and training. Contact clients to make them aware of the anti-harassment laws and explain how you can help by reviewing and updating contracts, policies, training and claim procedures. Continue reading “New Marketing Pamphlet about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace”

Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients

Greeting cards for lawyers
Holidays and other occasions provide firms with an opportunity to use greeting cards to connect with clients. Greeting cards provide a deeper and more meaningful connection than social media. Whether sent by e-mail or U.S. mail, they show that your firm values client relationships. Read on to learn the history of greeting cards and get tips for sending them. Continue reading “Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients”

Mastering the Art of Communicating with Letters

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

The history of letter writing began when Egyptians started using papyrus over 30,000 years ago. For thousands of years, letter writing was restricted to governments, merchants, and wealthy individuals. By the 1800’s, letter writing finally became accessible to the masses with the spread of public education, availability of affordable wood-based paper, and drastic reductions in postage rates. Recent technological advances caused a huge decline in letter writing, but it still remains an effective method of communication. Letters are useful for persuading an adversary, explaining complicated issues to a client, and submitting detailed proposals and replies. Letters also work well for personal matters like condolences, congratulations, and thank you’s. Read on for tips for writing professional letters that improve your communications. Continue reading “Mastering the Art of Communicating with Letters”

Marketing with Directory Listings

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

This year marks the 150th anniversary of James Martindale’s first publication of a directory that listed lawyers in every state. Martindale’s Directory continued in print for 140 years until it was replaced with an online edition in 2008. Read on to learn more about lawyer directories and how to optimize your listing to attract more clients.

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