Digitally Transforming Yourself and Your Firm

Digitally Transforming Yourself and Your Firm
Outdated technology can impede your law practice.

Over the past 40 years, there has been a Digital Transformation in the practice of law.  The Transformation was facilitated by several innovations — the introduction of the IBM PC in 1980, commercialization of the Internet around 1990, popularization of cloud computing in the 2000s, Apple’s launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad in 2010, and the proliferation of wireless hotspots and mobile apps during the 2010s. The result has been legal technology that is more affordable and easier to adopt. Technology is increasingly used by lawyers to automate legal tasks, improve client relations, and manage law practices. Read on to learn about top technologies for lawyers and resources for implementing them at your firm.

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Digital Marketing Terms For 2020: Attorney Edition

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

By now, most attorneys and law offices are well aware of the need to market themselves online. But knowing you should do something and actually understanding the processes involved are two very different things. With more companies offering you marketing services on more platforms, how do you know what they’re selling is right for you, or that the strategies they are using are the most up to date? 

We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing terms every law firm or attorney needs to be familiar with for 2020 and beyond. This can help you be in a better position to make informed business decisions and outpace your competition.

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Business Development with Legal Checkups

Legal Checkups
Legal checkups alert clients to opportunities for avoiding problems with a lawyer’s help.

70 years ago, lawyer Louis Brown advocated for client checkups in his Manual on Preventive Law. Until his death in 1996 at the age of 86, Brown continued to write and lecture about the benefits of checkups and preventive law. He also originated the ABA’s Annual Client Counseling Competition, established the National Center for Preventive Law, and funded an Annual Preventive Law Prize Award. Periodic legal checkups can be rewarding to lawyers and their clients. This article provides tips and resources for conducting checkups for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

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ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules

Savvy lawyers use marketing since reputation and contacts don’t always provide a steady stream of clients,. At its Annual Meeting in August 2018, the American Bar Association boosted marketing by amending its model rules on lawyer advertising to loosen restrictions, recognize technologies, and promote uniformity among states. The amended rules modify the ABA’s 110-year old ban on advertising by lawyers. Read on for a short history of the ABA’s advertising rules, a summary of the ways they have been amended, and a list of resources to help you market your professional services. Continue reading “ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules”