Blumberg Non-Profit and NY Not-for-Profit Kits

Any of our corporate kits may be purchased for non-profit corporations. In addition to the corporate record book and slipcase (or dust protection), all kits come with a corporate seal and zipper pouch, a 12-tab non-profit index (Cat. No. 5147), membership roll sheets, an A-Z index and, for kits without the PDFs described below, 50 sheets of 20#, 25% cotton minute paper. 

What’s in a Blumberg Non-Profit Corporate Kit?

Minutes and Bylaws
Fillable PDFs of our recently revised minutes & bylaws may be purchased with the corporate kit. The fillable PDFs come with the corporate name and state appearing in the appropriate fields and are emailed to you at 7 AM the day after your order is entered. The sets available are:

  • NY not-for-profit minutes & bylaws for corporations with and without members. Includes a conflict of interest and whistle-blower policy; committee charter, notes, and commentary (Cat. No. 5153PDF, if purchased separately). A CD with all the above forms for unlimited use (Cat. No. 5153D). Paper forms (Cat. No. 5153). 
  • Model non-profit membership minutes & bylaws for all other states (Cat. No. 5161PDF, if purchased separately). Paper forms (Cat. No. 5161).
  • Printed paper forms. Paper forms are available instead of the PDFs. Tell our representative that you prefer paper forms or enter a request for paper forms in the Instructions Field in our web order form. 

The above forms are authored by the Lawyers Alliance, a nonprofit organization that connects nonprofits working in low-income New York City communities with a network of pro bono lawyers from law firms and corporations.

Blumberg Non-Profit Corporate Kits

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