Top 10 Most Common Questions on Lawyer SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is ever-changing. Right when you think you have mastered the art of SEO, the algorithm changes, or a new concept is introduced that may be vital to your law firm’s online success. As a result, no matter what level of SEO experience you have, it is normal to have a few questions occasionally. 

Top 10 Most Common Questions on Lawyer SEO

Keep reading to see answers to the top 10 most common questions on lawyer SEO.

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Digital Marketing Terms For 2020: Attorney Edition

Digital Marketing for Lawyers

By now, most attorneys and law offices are well aware of the need to market themselves online. But knowing you should do something and actually understanding the processes involved are two very different things. With more companies offering you marketing services on more platforms, how do you know what they’re selling is right for you, or that the strategies they are using are the most up to date? 

We’ve compiled a list of digital marketing terms every law firm or attorney needs to be familiar with for 2020 and beyond. This can help you be in a better position to make informed business decisions and outpace your competition.

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ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules

Savvy lawyers use marketing since reputation and contacts don’t always provide a steady stream of clients,. At its Annual Meeting in August 2018, the American Bar Association boosted marketing by amending its model rules on lawyer advertising to loosen restrictions, recognize technologies, and promote uniformity among states. The amended rules modify the ABA’s 110-year old ban on advertising by lawyers. Read on for a short history of the ABA’s advertising rules, a summary of the ways they have been amended, and a list of resources to help you market your professional services. Continue reading “ABA Modernizes Marketing Rules”

Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients

Greeting cards for lawyers
Holidays and other occasions provide firms with an opportunity to use greeting cards to connect with clients. Greeting cards provide a deeper and more meaningful connection than social media. Whether sent by e-mail or U.S. mail, they show that your firm values client relationships. Read on to learn the history of greeting cards and get tips for sending them. Continue reading “Using Greeting Cards to Connect with Clients”

Marketing with Directory Listings

By Michael L. Goldblatt 

This year marks the 150th anniversary of James Martindale’s first publication of a directory that listed lawyers in every state. Martindale’s Directory continued in print for 140 years until it was replaced with an online edition in 2008. Read on to learn more about lawyer directories and how to optimize your listing to attract more clients.

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Marketing with Business Cards

Business Cards, now so ubiquitous, date back to the 16th century, when the footmen of royalty and aristocrats presented cards to the servant of the house to announce their arrival. By the next century, “visiting cards” were widely used in Europe.  About the size of playing cards, the cards were also used to jot down messages.  When tradespeople started to use cards in the early 17th century, London streets had no formal numbering system. So, directions and maps were printed on the card as well as advertising.  With the rise of commerce and a new class of entrepreneurs who needed to exchange information, “trade cards” merged with “visiting cards” to create the business cards we know today

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