Celerity Digital Corporate & LLC Kit

Maintain all your customized entity documents in PDF format.

Blumberg announces the launch of Celerity©, a digital corporate kit and digital LLC kit providing Blumberg customers customized entity documents in a PDF format. With a few clicks, all the key LLC or Corporation documents are compiled and stored into several PDFs available to download and store in the safety of your computer or in the cloud.

The Celerity Digital kit has everything one would expect from Blumberg’s renowned LLC and corporate kit but with instant access. One great advantage is that you can start working on your entity paperwork within a few hours of placing the order.

The Celerity Digital Corporate Kit includes:

  • 20 certificates: membership unit, percent or representative certificate for LLCs and common share certificates for corporations, numbered 1 to 20, and a specimen certificate. The certificates are customized with the state, entity name, certificate designation, capitalization for corporate certificates, and signature titles. The certificates are ready to be issued by entries on your computer. The image of the seal is printed on the certificate. To create the colored border, print certificates with a color printer.
  • Assignment form: may be printed on the reverse side of the certificates.
  • Full-page stub: fillable PDF.
  • Transfer ledger pages: fillable PDF.
  • Seal images: for printing on labels.
  • Operating Agreements or Minute and Bylaws.

Place LLC and digital corporate kit orders 24/7 through the internet, allowing purchasing and retrieval of kits when you need them. Celerity is built on a secure foundation using the latest server encryption. Moreover, the digital corporate kits never leave Blumberg’s secured server until the customer downloads the file, which puts the Blumberg solution a step above the competitors.

Bob Blumberg said that the company had created the Celerity Digital Kit for the next generation of lawyers and accounting professionals, adding that “the Celerity goes beyond what the competition is offering and will be viable for the life of the entity.”

For more information or to order visit us at blumberg.com/celerity

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