NEW Corporate Manager

Corporate ManagerA protocol with forms for management of a corporate record book

Objectify important corporate activities required by business corporation statutes, help with audits and avoid piercing of the corporate veil!

A flash drive with suggestions for the ongoing management of your corporation record book with a questionnaire/checklist for annual record book maintenance, 12 pertinent forms and 29 resolutions. A basic set of Microsoft Word and pdf forms that enable you to easily complete and quickly cut and paste the appropriate forms together to create an annual record of actions taken and meetings held by the corporation.

After you organize your corporation. . .

Often, organizers of a corporation do not take full advantage of the opportunities available to the entity. After completion of formation formalities they don’t record the decisions made to manage the corporation during its life.

A corporation is a business tool that can provide asset protection, tax benefits, reduced personal liability and a better way for its principals to invest in the business. To obtain these advantages, you must observe the corporate formalities required by business corporation statutes. Failure to do so can result in the “piercing of the corporate veil,” a legal phrase that means that the owners become responsible for the debts and actions of the corporation.

Corporate Manager includes a Corporate Audit Questionnaire to help you maintain your Corporate Record Book on an annual or more frequent basis. Completing the Audit Questionnaire creates a checklist of matters to be objectified. Each year, on the anniversary of the corporate formation, use it to select among the 64 forms in Corporate Manager to complete your documents for signature and inclusion in your Corporate Record Book.

If you are involved in a lawsuit and the plaintiff is claiming that the corporation is the “alter ego” and the personal pocketbook of its principals or owners, or you are subject to a tax audit, the annual Certification of Company Resolution(s) and other documents prepared with Corporate Manager that objectify the corporation’s management, will be evidence that the corporation lives by the rules of the By-Laws and the decisions approved in writing by it’s management.

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    All Forms Included

  • Forms
  • Corporation Audit Questionnaire
  • Corporate Summary Sheet
  • Corporate Record Tickler
  • Medical Care Reimbursement Plan
  • Corporation Consents/Meetings/Letters
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Minutes of the Regular Meeting of Directors (DMl-2)
  • Waiver of Notice of the Regular Meeting of Directors (DM3)
  • Minutes of Special Meeting of Directors (Medical Reimbursement)
  • Minutes of the Special Meeting of Directors (general)(SDM 1-2)
  • Waiver of Notice of Special Meeting of Directors (SDM 3)
  • Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders/Inspectors Report/Ratification (SM 1-3) Waiver of Notice of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders (SM 4)
  • Notice of Annual Meeting of Shareholders/Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of Annual Meeting (SM 4a) Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders
  • Oath of Inspectors of Election (SM 5)
  • Proxy for Annual Meeting of Shareholders (SM 5a)
  • Proxy (general)
  • Stock Subscription
  • Assignment of Subscription
  • Resignation of Directors
  • IRS §1244 forms
  • Consent to Action Taken by the Directors (under §1244 of the IRS Code)
  • Offer letter to sell common stock (under §1244 of the IRS Code)
  • Corporate Record Sheet (under §1244 of the IRS Code)
  • Gross Receipts Test (under§ 1244 of the IRS Code)
  • Notice to Shareholders (of action taken)
  • Resolutions
  • Resolution of Execution of Lease
  • Resolution of Fixing Salary
  • Resolution of Shareholders to Ratify Actions of Board of Directors
  • Resolution Removing Trustee
  • Resolution to Acquire Shares of Stock
  • Resolution to Acquire the Assets of Another Business
  • Resolution to Adopt a Fiscal Year
  • Resolution to Adopt a Trade Name
  • Resolution to Authorize Entering into a Contract
  • Resolution to Borrow Money
  • Resolution to Declare a Dividend
  • Resolution to Declare an Annual Dividend
  • Resolution to Defend Against Lawsuit
  • Resolution to Extend Lease of Premises
  • Resolution to Factor Accounts Receivable
  • Resolution to Grant a Security Interest
  • Resolution to Hire a Key Employee
  • Resolution to Indemnify and Hold Harmless
  • Resolution to Issue a Guarantee for Borrower
  • Resolution to Issue an Option to Purchase Shares
  • Resolution to Lease a Motor Vehicle
  • Resolution to Lease Equipment
  • Resolution to Lease Property (as Leasee)
  • Resolution to Lease Property (as Lessor)
  • Resolution to Loan Funds to Employee
  • Resolution to Mortgage Real Estate
  • Resolution to Obtain a Corporate Credit Card
  • Resolution to Obtain Business Licenses
  • Resolution to Open a Bank Account
  • Resolution to Purchase Equipment
  • Resolution to Purchase Motor Vehicle
  • Resolution to Purchase Real Estate
  • Resolution to Qualify as a Foreign Corporation
  • Resolution to Reimburse Expenses
  • Resolution to Retain an Accountant
  • Resolution to Retain an Attorney
  • Resolution to Retain a Real Estate Broker
  • Resolution to Sell Motor Vehicle

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