When Should I Order My LLC or Corporate Kit?

Entity Formation Services

We strongly recommend that customers file the LLC or corporation—or at least reserve the name with the state filing office—before ordering the kit. As with the name on a passport or birth certificate, the exact LLC or corporate name matters. It must be exactly the same on all related legal documents. 

Meanwhile, it is not uncommon for the initial filing document to be rejected by a state filing office because the name conflicts with an existing LLC or corporation, or contains restricted words that require consent from state agencies; or prohibited words. Restricted words may be “bank,” education” and “insurance.” Prohibited words may be words that are against public policy such as words alluding to a crime and certain curse words.

If the kit is ordered in advance of filing, the customized elements (certificates, seal and binder label or gold-lettering) may be rendered useless. Whereas once you have the official proof of filing or a reservation of the name from the state filing office, the kit can be ordered for the exact name as filed.

Customers can save themselves time and trouble by engaging us to prepare and file the initial filing documents, and follow up filings for the EIN, S Corporation and qualifications in other states. Blumberg’s Corporate Services has been providing such expertise for decades. With one call, we file the corporation, then order the customized kit as soon as the state filing office notifies us of the completed filing. We ship the kit within one day of the notification.