Successfully Working at Home

Over 140 years ago, Louis Pasteur revolutionized the treatment of infectious diseases by developing vaccines for anthrax and rabies.  After his death in 1897, virologists continued using Pasteur's discoveries to create vaccines against chickenpox, measles, mumps, yellow fever, rubella, and tuberculosis.

Modern-day microbiologists are likely to use Pasteur’s principles when they develop a vaccine for the Coronavirus.  Meantime, Coronavirus exiles can read this article for tips and resources to successfully work from home.

Avoid DistractionsAvoid Distractions. Make a Do Not Disturb sign to alert others when you are on the telephone or working on important tasks. Buy noise-canceling headphones to block noise. Disable alerts on your computer and mobile devices to stop notifications. 

Be OrganizedBe Organized.  Use “To Do” lists and prioritize them. Create a daily calendar to set aside time for lawyering, communicating, and personal/family matters. Switch from paper files to cloud storage. Eliminate clutter on your desktop.

Communicate with VideoCommunicate with Video.  Use video conferencing tools to replace face-to-face meetings with clients and teams. Use e-mail or texting for daily check-ins with lawyers and staff. Mention your hours of operation in outgoing voicemail and include instructions for emergency contact.  

Exercise DailyExercise Daily. Use daily exercise breaks to get recharged and improve your well-being. Follow a video workout or take a walk, run or bike ride. 

Defend Against HackersDefend Against Hackers. Hackers are taking advantage of the crisis so watch out for email phishing, robocalls, and text message scams. Block unknown senders, enable advanced security protection, and use a password manager.

Get AssistanceGet Assistance.  Visit your bar association’s website for information, updates, and relief from business problems caused by Coronavirus. Consider hiring a virtual receptionist or assistant for help handling administrative or paralegal tasks.  

Improve WorkspaceImprove Workspace.  Replace old computers and printers to improve speed, reliability, and security. Use a comfortable chair, set aside adequate workspace, and add a desk lamp for brighter lighting. 

Stay SocialStay Social. Organize a virtual happy hour or lunch to meet up with associates. Use social media like Facebook and Twitter to attract prospects and stay in touch with clients. Establish a daily or weekly schedule of making posts and emailing clients and contacts.

Successfully Working at HomeUse of Technology.  Consider using case management software to handle billing, calendaring, contacts, etc. Use a digital assistant like Alexa, Cortana, or Siri to create appointments, make phone calls, and send texts. Remember to backup data and protect confidential information.

Resources. For information about the development of vaccines, read VBI’s article about Pasteur and visit the CDC and Pasteur websites. For professional assistance during the Pandemic, visit the Coronavirus websites created by the ABA, ALA, AICPA, and state bars. For professional improvement, while working at home, read articles about case management, cloud computing, communicating, conferencing, crisis management, cybersecurity, virtual assistants, office design, well-being, and working remotely. For practice tips, see posts at Blumberg Blog about checklists, journaling, marketing, organizing, and technology.

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Conclusion. The Coronavirus situation has accelerated the trend toward remote working in the legal profession. Use the tips and resources in this article to work successfully at home and keep clients happy. The lessons learned will enable you to succeed as a virtual law firm during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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