Strategies for Getting Organized

Abraham Lincoln had a successful career as a small firm lawyer for 25 years before becoming America’s 16th president. In notes for a lecture to lawyers, Lincoln attributed his achievements to diligence and honesty. Getting organized is another virtue for a successful career path. Organization can help you enhance productivity and reduce stress. Read on to learn strategies for getting organized in your law practice. 

Automating. Use software for accounting, marketing, and management. Adopt technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics.

Calendaring. Use calendar systems to organize tasks, create timelines, and control dockets.   

De-cluttering. Clean up the clutter on your desk and computer. Read documents using digital devices to avoid printing them. Digitally store documents instead of placing them in paper files.  

Delegating. Assign more tasks to staff. Periodically check on progress and give praise for work done well.

Equipping. Upgrade equipment and furniture to take advantage of advances in design and technology. Adjust the layout of your office to improve workflows.

Filing. Create a file system to facilitate document storage and retrieval. Set aside time every day for clearing your inbox and filing. 

Removing Distractions. Close unneeded apps, switch off telephone ringers, turn off notifications, and unsubscribe from email lists to eliminate distractions.   

Using Checklists. Use checklists to prioritize tasks, assign responsibilities, and set deadlines. Keep them simple and practical. 

Resources in Print and Online. There are numerous resources to help organize your practice. For inspiration from Lincoln’s law practice, read his lecture notes and biography. To learn how to organize your practice, read books like the ABA’s Guide to Lawyer Well Being, CAP’s Organized Lawyer and Penguin’s Getting Things Done. For quick study of a specific strategy like automating, use articles, podcasts, webinars, and websites. To keep up to date on trends and developments in practice management, subscribe to newsletters published by the ABA, state bar associations, bloggers, and vendors.

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Getting organized can improve your law practice and increase your profits. Choose strategies appropriate for you and then implement them by referring to the printed and online sources mentioned above. Your efforts will help you win cases and clients.