Marketing with Law Firm Brochures

Law Firm Brochures

Law firm brochures are an effective tool for getting new clients and developing additional work from existing clients. Brochures can provide information about your staff and explain how your services will help solve legal problems and achieve outstanding results. Read on to learn how brochures can benefit your firm.

Display brochures in your firm’s reception area with an attractive holder, hand them out at meetings, and include them with materials given to new clients. Keep several brochures in your briefcase to share with potential clients. Send them when corresponding with referral sources or responding to information requests.

A professionally designed brochure will enhance your professional image. The brochure’s content can include lawyer names, practice areas, office hours, and contact information. It can also express your commitment to your clients. Carefully select photographs and stress your firm’s competitive advantages. Use high quality paper, attractive ink, and a logo to make it memorable.

Semi-customized brochures are quick, easy, and much less expensive than customized brochures. They come with text and graphics that firms can personalize if desired. Customized brochures provide space for more detailed information, including in-depth biographies, discussion of current cases, and enumeration of firm and individual achievements.

After presenting the brochure to a client or prospect, consider following-up at a later time by providing an article with information about the legal aspects of their issue. Send an article that you have written or use one of the client pamphlets that are available from BlumbergExcelsior to inform, educate, and impress.

Marketing Mix
Brochures are one of many printed and electronic tools that are available to attract clients and develop work from existing clients. Future blog entries will explain how to affordably use printed marketing pieces like business cards, client pamphlets, note cards, and presentation folders. Blog posts will also explain how to effectively use online tools like directories, e-newsletters, podcasts, social media, webinars, and websites. Future blog posts will also cover ethical rules that govern use of marketing material. Please contact BlumbergExcelsior to suggest topics or ask questions you would like covered in the Blumberg Blog.

Getting Started
Order a semi-customized or a customized brochure from BlumbergExcelsior to put into the hands and minds of prospective and current clients. Click here to view other marketing products and services to make a lasting, positive impression.