How to Form a Not-for-Profit Corporation

Not-for-Profit Corporations are formed for many reasons.  In New York State there are two types of formations: charitable and non-charitable.  New York now allows for filings of each with a purpose as simple as:  any purpose for which corporations may be organized under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law as a charitable corporation or any purpose for which corporations may be organized under the Not-for-Profit Corporation Law as a non-charitable corporation. Continue reading “How to Form a Not-for-Profit Corporation”

What is a legal pad?

We call them “legal pads” because when they were first available in 1888 (the year after Bob Blumberg’s grandfather founded our company) a paper mill worker collected the sortings (scraps) from various factories and bound them into pads. They were cut to legal size. Later, when the pad paper was manufactured with ground wood and scraps to make up the batch of pulp, they were colored yellow because it was more expensive to make the batch white. Continue reading “What is a legal pad?”

What is a fictitious name (a DBA)?

If you are starting a business as a sole proprietor or partnership you must file a document with the city, county or state as required by the laws of the state in which your business will be conducted. The name you choose for the business is a “fictitious name.”  It is also called a “DBA” (doing business as). The laws are intended to protect those doing business with the company by providing a public record of the owner’s identity and the  address of the business.

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How to Order a Corporate Kit

(for LLC Kits, go to How to Order An LLC  kit)

Do not order your kit until you have proof of filing of the entity (the formal State document that establishes that the entity is in existence on the State’s records). Too many organizers had to redo seals and certificates because of State rejection of the name or other contents in the filing documents or the filing was delayed beyond the New Year. If you are pressed for time because of a closing or other event, keep in mind that we ship kits the same or next day after it is ordered.

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How to Order an LLC Kit

To order an LLC Kit, you must first have a “proof of filing” of the LLC. This is the document that establishes that the State has a record of the LLC.

Caution: If you order the LLC Kit first, you risk having to redo seals and certificates because the State has rejected the name or for other complications.

If you are pressed for time, keep in mind that we ship kits the same or next day after it is ordered.

To order a kit, have the official document in front of you. The following information is required: Continue reading “How to Order an LLC Kit”

What is a blueback?

legal covers (bluebacks)
Blumberg Bluebacks

The tradition of associating legal documents with the color blue originated in England several hundred years ago. In the United States, it began in the 19th century when, in jurisdictions such as New York, the word blueback designated the blue cover of legal documents.  Technically called a litigation back, the blueback is imprinted with the caption of the matter and includes several blank forms for proof of service, certification, and verification, to be used as needed in the particular case. It is typically customized with the card of the law firm or pro se party presenting the documents within. The public became familiar with bluebacks through seeing the blue-covered documents in courtrooms or used as props in films and television legal dramas.

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What is the difference between stock certificates and ownership certificates?

The financial value of a corporation is its stock (called shares in New York). It may be contributed by its original shareholder(s) for money, goods or services, or raised by selling shares to others.  A corporation is authorized by its organizing documents to issue a certain number of shares, sometimes for a predetermined value for each share (“par value” shares) and sometimes for an unspecified amount dependent on values determined by the organizers, or later the market rate at the time the shares are sold (“no par” value shares).  Owners of the shares of a corporation are given share certificates, which are physical paper certificates representing the number of shares of the corporation owned. The form of the stock certificates must be adopted by a resolution of the shareholders preserved in the minutes of the corporation.

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Blumberg Freelance Contract Form 137 and Form 3137

New York Freelance ContractNew York City Enacts Protection for Freelance Workers, Effective May 15, 2017

A single person or an entity with only one person, engaged as an independent contractor by companies in New York City for work worth more than $800 (including multiple small projects within a 120 day period), is entitled to a written Freelance Contract that provides timely and full wage payment rights, prohibits retaliation if they exercise their rights, and provides penalties against companies for non-compliance. Continue reading “Blumberg Freelance Contract Form 137 and Form 3137”