The Beauty and Meaning of Seals

Engraved, etched, debossed surfaces have always held a fascination. It probably began with goldsmithing. Gold is malleable and the smiths used it to mold and etch beautiful objects. Great masterpieces have been created by engravers. In the quotidian world, we engrave stock certificates, letterheads, diplomas for beauty and elegance as well as security.

Corporate Seal

Historically, the image that a seal impressed on a contract had a legal significance. It added a formal measure of security. and was a warranty that the document was genuine. Today, certificates and other important documents are still often embossed with company or university seals, and many official documents have to be notarized with a seal, as a guarantee of the identity of the signer. An embossing seal is more broadly used to stamp the identity and interest of the owner on books and important papers.  Even here, the embossed image carries the look and feel of genuineness and distinction.

Blumberg carries an array of seals to adopt as your own symbol and distinctive mark, to personalize books and affix with pride on your documents    Choose a monogram or an image of an “Open Book,” “Tree of Knowledge,” “Torch of Learning” or “Scales of Justice.” Or design a custom emblem of your own. For greater éclat, impress the image on a gold or red self-stick label before embossing documents. Nowadays, seals are popular gift items.  At Blumberg’s, you can choose between a chrome and black pocket seal—or a polished brass, chrome or black desk seal. Who wouldn’t like to receive such an elegant, personalized gift?