What is Manuscript Cover?

Manuscript cover is a grade of paper that has dimensional stability, durability, a uniform printing surface and folds and scores easily.  It is lightly calendared and uncoated, making it the softest and least smooth of the cover grade of paper. This gives it the attractive feel and printing versatility that enables it to be printed on presses and laser and ink jet printers.

Blumberg, with it’s large buying power, formulated it’s watermarked manuscript cover for the needs of lawyers and writers that want a durable cover for their documents. One that is not bulky as card-like covers, nor add to the cost of sending multiple documents. We specified a 32 lb. stock , the appropriate weight to house the 20 and 24 lb. documents within.

Blumberg covers are manufactured in the appropriate grain direction. Grain refers to the direction of the fibers of the paper. Folding and scoring should be with the grain, otherwise the stock can crack and tear in heavy use. We also condition our cover stock by keeping it in the press room prior to printing so that the moisture content of the paper will not vary when exposed for printing. This prevents curling and wavy or tight edges in the finished product.

Blumberg has the largest selection of colors and sizes. We offer 10 colors and two finishes; antique manuscript (smooth soft surface)  in 5 colors, and linen manuscript (richly textured with a fine linen pattern) in 5 colors. Both stocks come in 8½” x 12½”, 9” x 12½” and 9” x 15½” for top bound documents; report sizes 17½” x 11½”, 18” x 12” and 8 ½” x 11” for staple, tape, Vello, plastic comb, spiral or hot glue binding. Blumberg offers the only ready cut 8½” width covers that can be printed in any laser or ink jet printer. Square cut and scored and cornered covers are available, although the latter may be problematic in some printers.

Blumberg also offers top bound covers for Federal Litigation, New York Litigation and Strip Mini backers. All Blumberg cover products can be personalized in black ink or full color digital print.