Running a Successful Law Firm

About 30 years ago, Paramount Pictures released a movie based on a popular John Grisham book titled The Firm. The movie received academy award nominations and positive reviews. It was a thriller that dramatized the downfall of a sinister law firm. To avoid a similar fate, successful law firms strive to achieve a positive work culture focused on serving clients.  Obstacles include declining loyalty, escalating expenses, increasing competition, and pandemic problems. This article has tips for achieving success and resources for implementing them. The resources include articles, books, forms, and websites for running a successful law firm.

Running a Successful Law Firm

Automating. Automate tasks, enhance cybersecurity, and use cloud computing to increase profits.

Collaborating. Use blogs, meetings, newsletters, and surveys to encourage teamwork.

Continuing. Prepare for disasters, disabilities, deaths, and resignations to assure continuous operation.  

Officing. Periodically assess office layout, location, and size to meet changing needs. 

Measuring. Track key indicators like billed hours, new clients, and closed cases for monthly review.  

Networking. Encourage participation in bar, civic, and religious organizations to promote networking.

Reviewing. Do monthly performance reviews to find areas needing improvement.

Satisfying. Sponsor activities that engage clients, lawyers, and staff to keep them happy.

Training.  Enroll lawyers and staff in CPE programs to develop knowledge, leadership, and skills.

Well-Being. Promote healthy lifestyles and prepare for future waves of Covid-19 to assure well-being.

Resources. Get started by reading articles about conducting performance reviews, digitally transforming firms,  keeping lawyers happy, measuring performance, satisfying clients, and succession planning. Create action plans by using checklists for auditing, automating, moving, performance reviews, and policy making. For further study, read ABA books about business planning, cybersecurity, legal technology, organizing successful firms, policy manuals, and working smarter. Also see the resources at ABA websites on disaster recovery, succession planning, technology, and lawyer well-being.

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Conclusion.  Winning in the courtroom is not enough to assure success in a law firm. Careful planning can help fulfill careers, satisfy clients, and ensure survival.  Failure to plan can lead to declining caseloads and departing lawyers. Use the resources mentioned in this article to run a successful firm that is financially and spiritually rewarding.

Michael Goldblatt

Mr. Goldblatt has authored numerous books and articles about marketing for lawyers. He wrote Blumberg’s client marketing pamphlets and designed Blumberg’s Summa Document Organizer and Semi-Customized Law Firm Brochures.