Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 – LEASES

The Housing Stability and Tenant Protection act of 2019 became effective on June 14, 2019. All leases signed thereafter are subject the Act. We have been reviewing the Act with the attorneys that author several of the lease forms and hope to have them available at blumberglegalforms.com by mid to late August and printed forms about two weeks later.

We are asked, “can we use existing forms until new forms are available?” We believe they can, bearing in mind that any mandates in the Housing Act will supersede the equivalent provisions in the lease. At this time we plan to make the changes below. Our review may reveal additional changes to be made.

For Security Deposit provisions we are considering making the following:

If Landlord withholds the deposit or any portion, Landlord shall provide Tenant with both an itemized statement indicating the basis for any amount of the deposit retained as well as any remaining portion of the deposit to the Tenant, within 14 days after Tenant has vacated the Apartment.  If Landlord fails to provide Tenant with this statement and any remaining deposit within the 14 days, Landlord shall forfeit any right to retain any portion of the deposit.

For the Default provisions notices we are considering adding the following provision:

Failure to pay rent or added rent on time, 5 days, provided that Landlord has given Tenant a written demand of rent owed with at least 14 days notice.

Any comments  or suggestions would be appreciated at info@blumb.com

New and Revised Notices to Tenants

We will begin to upload these forms at blumberglegalforms.com shortly

Blumberg Legal Form  119, formerly a 3-day notice, will be a 14-day notice. Rent demands required by law must be in writing, sent certified mail, and allow tenants 14 days to pay (RPL 711(2), 7-19

A new Blumberg Legal Form 309, will be an omnibus notice for 30, 60 and 90 day periods, 7-19

A new Blumberg Legal Form 304 will be a 5-day notice sent certified mail, RPL §235-E(d), 7-19

Blumberg Legal Form 307, 30-day notice, will be available for situations not affected by the Act, 7-19

Notices of Petition for Non-Payment or Holdover
Legal Forms 207b, 207d, 211, 445, 449, 511, 1407 and 1411 are under review.

Please watch this blog or notices at blumberglegalforms.com or blumberg.com/forms for further information and availability of forms.