Introducing a New Partner For Residential Lease Management and Distribution for Blumberg Stabilized Lease #327 and the Blumberg Sublease #193.

LeaseFiller a lease writing program which helps property managers and leasing agents easily and efficiently draft leases with their accompanying forms and riders.  

With all the improvements in technology, one of the things that have remained a bit archaic is the way we process lease agreements.

True, with the advent of PDF documents we have taken what had been a process of writing information by hand, and instead, allowing us to type it in on a computer. But, all in all, the process has remained pretty much the same; filling in error-prone data over and over again.

How many times have you printed a lease agreement only to have to reprint the entire document because you got an address or calculation incorrect? How many times have forgotten a specific form only to realize too late that the tenant had already left your office?

That’s where LeaseFiller enters the fray. They have taken a time-consuming process and streamlined it so that it takes mere minutes to complete.

To begin, they pre-program your data so that you never have to type in any recurring information like the company name, building address, security bank, etc.

Next, all the calculations like lease terms, lease dates, yearly rent, etc. get automatically calculated, thereby further reducing the chances of errors.

If any required fields are left blank the program will not allow you to print the lease until you have filled them all in.

Also, with a click of a button, you can easily add guarantor forms, preferential rent riders, last month’s rent riders and much much more.

It also comes with all the NYC required forms ensuring that you always stay compliant with the ever-changing laws.

As a complimentary bonus, the program comes with a legal rent calculator where you can automatically calculate the legal rent for NYC stabilized units using longevity, IAI, and vacancy allowance.

The issue that many landlords have and more specifically NYC landlords are that the software on the market simply doesn’t work for them. Each company has its own unique needs and processes and trying to use a one size fits all solution…….simply isn’t a solution.

This is what makes LeaseFiller so unique. The program is fully customizable so you if you need another feature added or if you want to use a different type of lease or rider they can customize it to fit your specific needs.

For more information or to schedule a demo, please visit them at