Marketing with QR Codes

Quick Response (QR) codes became popular during the Covid Pandemic to reduce physical contact. Restaurants began displaying QR codes on tables to enable diners to view menus on their smartphones.  Other businesses began using QR Codes to enable contactless payments, downloading apps, linking websites, and requesting reviews.  

QR codes look like an ink splotch and have data that point to a website or app. They work with smartphones that have QR readers built into their cameras. QR codes link to a unique webpage that can be bookmarked, emailed, or left in the form of an open page on a phone’s web browser. Join other professionals who use QR codes to attract prospects and improve client relations. Following are tips for using QR codes and links to resources with more information.

Advisor – hire a marketing or IT consultant to help incorporate QR codes into your marketing.

Creating – generate QR codes with an app or ask your stationery provider to create them. 

Colorizing – use colors to help your QR code stand out from others.

Linking – link QR codes to useful information like announcements, articles and bios. 

Logo – insert a logo or photo in your QR code to make it eye-catching.  

Placing – insert QR codes onto brochures, business cards, flyers, pamphlets and other marketing material. 

Sizing – QR Codes should be at least 1 inch in size or larger to make them readable by smartphones.

Tracking – use data analytics to track clicks for marketing purposes. 

Using – use QR codes for advertising, billing, marketing and publishing.


Blumberg has several marketing products, including professional and 4-color business cards with QR codes; client pamphlets; customized and semi-customized firm brochures; professional and full-color letterhead; holiday cards; and textured and linen presentation folders. Blumberg can help design your marketing materials and create QR codes and firm logos To order free samples or learn more about Blumberg products, visit the Company’s website, submit an online request, or call 800-221-2972 x1692.


Several years ago, manufacturers enabled smartphone cameras to read QR Codes. During the Covid Pandemic, consumers embraced the use of QR codes to access information, download apps, and make payments. Join other lawyers who are using QR codes to promote client engagement and implement marketing strategies.  See the resources mentioned below to enhance your firm with QR Codes.   

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Michael Goldblatt

Mr. Goldblatt has authored numerous books and articles about marketing for lawyers. He wrote Blumberg’s client marketing pamphlets and designed Blumberg’s Summa Document Organizer and Semi-Customized Law Firm Brochures.