New Marketing Pamphlet about Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Avoiding Liablity For Sexual Harassment

Avoiding Liability for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The New York laws require employers to adopt policies and provide training to prevent sexual harassment.

New York State and New York City recently joined other states and local jurisdictions that have laws to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

Evolving laws and media attention make stopping sexual harassment imperative for lawyers and their clients, especially in states like New York that require employers to adopt anti-harassment policies and training. Contact clients to make them aware of the anti-harassment laws and explain how you can help by reviewing and updating contracts, policies, training and claim procedures.

Blumberg just published a new client pamphlet “Avoiding Liability for Sexual Harassment in the Workplace” (Cat. No. 3726). With your advice and counsel clients can implement practices described in the pamphlet to help them maintain a productive workplace free of sexual harassment and take actions to reinforce positive behaviors and discourage inappropriate ones before they become the basis of litigation. Blumberg can print your firm’s contact information and logo on the pamphlet. You can license the text of the pamphlet for publication on your firm’s website.

These professional looking marketing pamphlets, written in laymen’s language, address everyday legal issues and explain how they can be resolved with a lawyer’s help. Written by Michael L. Goldblatt, a practicing lawyer, published author and marketing expert, the brochures include checklists to help your clients recognize areas where legal services are needed. Lithographed in 2 colors on an attractive textured 80-lb. recycled stock.

A Useful practice development tool

• Mail to prospects
• Insert in bills to clients. Sell them other legal services.
• Display brochures in your reception area
• Create additional business with existing clients
• Hand out at meetings, speeches and trade shows
• Distribute with firm brochures and marketing materials
• Simplify your work by educating your client
• Enhance your visibility

Quality paper and attractive colors
The marketing pamphlets are printed on a fine recycled text stock, in a light natural sand color for the business series and a light gray for the consumer series.

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