LEAP Announces Integration with the Popular Blumberg Legal Forms

Attorneys using LEAP gain unlimited access to signature Blumberg legal forms

LEAP Legal Software, the leading cloud-based legal software technology provider, announces a partnership with BlumbergExcelsior Inc. whereby Blumberg legal forms are now available in the LEAP Library of Legal Forms.

New York attorneys have unlimited access to 25 signature Blumberg legal forms in LEAP, including the Power of Attorney (Form 44), Health Care Proxy (Form 70), and Bill of Costs (Form 156). LEAP Library of Legal Forms allows attorneys to quickly locate Blumberg legal forms, instead of searching multiple court websites.

With LEAP automation, key information, such as a client’s name, is typed only once into LEAP. The information populates throughout the form. Automation in LEAP eliminates manually inputting data, making for a seamless process of document production.

“The LEAP and Blumberg partnership provides our customers with the tried, true, and trusted Blumberg form products they know, love, and have been using for years,” said Vice President of LEAP Design and Automation Olivia Mockel. “More than ever, the ease of access and automation power of LEAP allow attorneys to quickly draft documents that require minimal editing.”

LEAP provides attorneys with a comprehensive library of legal forms across all areas of law as well as access to all their case information. LEAP also has matter management, time recording, legal trust accounting, billing, and reporting tools.

To learn more about how to access Blumberg forms in LEAP, please visit www.leap.us/legal-forms/new-york/

Currently, these top-selling Blumberg Forms are available on LEAP

  • 110—General Release by Individual
  • 44—New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified
  • 45—New York gift rider (SGR), power of attorney
  • 51—New York Statutory Power of Attorney, durable unless modified with attorney affidavit
  • 70—Health care proxy
  • 120—Execution against property, to sheriff, notice to garnishee
  • 156—Bill of Costs
  • 242—Whole or Partial Satisfaction of Judgment
  • 245—Confession of Judgment
  • 415—Restraining notice to judgment debtor, enforcement of money judgment
  • 416—Restraining notice to garnishee, enforcement of money judgment
  • 417—Information subpoena to judgment debtor or witness
  • 421—Exemption notice and claim form
  • 427—Enforcement of Judgments, Questions to financial institution
  • 439—Income execution
  • 537—Note of Issue and Certificate of Readiness


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