Marketing with Client Pamphlets

by Michael L. Goldblatt

The introduction of the Guttenberg press in the 1400’s transformed the world by reducing the cost of printing books in Europe.  Printing presses also facilitated the use of pamphlets to spread views and establish reputations. Famous pamphleteers include Martin Luther (95 Theses, 1517), Johnathan Swift (A Modest Proposal, 1729), Thomas Paine (Common Sense, 1776), Emile Zola (J’accuse, 1894) and Martin Luther King (Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963).

Despite the advent of modern social media, pamphlets remain an effective communication tool.  Lawyers can use pamphlets to attract new clients and develop additional work from existing clients.  Following are some tips about how to use pamphlets alone or in conjunction with other marketing activities like directory listings and firm websites.

Pamphlets are easy to distribute and less costly than other marketing tools. They can be mailed to clients, distributed at presentations, and displayed in reception areas.

Client pamphlets can provide an overview of a legal topic and illustrate how a lawyer’s help can prevent problems.  Pamphlets should be written in simple language understandable by laymen instead of the legalese used in professional journals. Each pamphlet can focus on a single issue like purchasing a home, writing a will, or buying a business.  Features can include checklists and questionnaires to help clients consider how a lawyer can help.

Pamphlets can be distributed in a variety of ways, including:

  • Displays in firm reception area and in lobbies of community centers, chambers of commerce, accounting offices, doctor offices, etc.
  • Handouts at speeches and seminars
  • Leave behind when making presentations at client offices
  • Giveaways at meetings and conferences
  • Mailings to clients and prospects
  • Responses to requests for information

Getting Started
Marketing pamphlets for law firms are available from Blumberg on over 25 personal and business law topics.  Several of the pamphlets are available in Spanish. Your firm’s name, contact information, and logo can be imprinted on the pamphlets. And the text of the pamphlets can be licensed for publication at your firm’s website.

Marketing Tips
Future entries at Blumberg Blog will explain useful marketing strategies and tactics for lawyers. Please contact Blumberg to suggest topics or ask questions you would like covered in the Blumberg Blog.

Getting Started
Call 800 221-2972 x1692 or click here to order client pamphlets from Blumberg. Click here to view other marketing products and services to make a lasting impression.

About the Author: Michael L. Goldblatt has authored numerous books and articles about marketing for lawyers. He wrote Blumberg’s client marketing pamphlets and designed Blumberg’s SummaTM Document Organizer and Semi-Customized Law Firm Brochures.