What Is a Lever Arch Binder?

In the background of foreign films set in professional offices, you often see bookshelves full of neat rows of distinctive binders in various colors, with reinforced round holes the size of a quarter on their spine.  These are “Lever Arch” Binders. They are the standard way the A-4 paper-size world files their paper records.

In the United States, the usual way to file papers is in manila files, which in turn are organized into file pockets and then into file drawers. In the past decade or so, however, that’s begun to change. The efficient, attractive, low cost and easy-to-access Lever Arch Binders, conveniently arranged on open shelving, is gaining popularity.

The clever design of the binder accounts for much of the enthusiasm. The Lever Arch design allows you to quickly add or remove papers from any location in the binder, without removing other papers.  Just open to the page where you wish to place a page, lift the lever and place the page on the two rings. Push the lever down to close. The ball and socket metals eliminate misalignment and snagged papers. Whereas papers are easily torn on a 3-ring binder filler, the compression clip on the Lever Arch Binders prevents the pages from moving. No more attaching of hole-reinforcements! Another plus is that A 3” Lever Arch binder holds 525 sheets of paper—many more than a 3” ring binder. Which means greater paper capacity per inch of filing space. And the cost of expensive steel files is eliminated.

Lever Arch binders come in six colors, allowing the classification of files by color. And with the immense variety of indexes available, you can create a binder file to specifically meet your filing needs. The large 1 ½” x 6” label holder and label template enable you to easily identify the contents of each binder. The labels keep subject matter of the contents plainly in view, and the finger hole on the spine allows the binders to be easily pulled from the shelves.

Moreover, the rings are centered 2 ¾” apart. To punch paper to fit the Lever Arch binder, all you need is the standard 2-hole punch commonly found in offices throughout the US. If you want to archive files, simply remove the paper files from the binder, insert standard prong fasteners to secure the pages and place them in a standard file storage box. You can then slip in a new contents label and reuse the binder.

Besides the numerous applications in commercial and professional offices, there are many uses in private offices and homes: Personal or Trust Bank statements or stock broker statements, indexed by year, broker, bank or month; insurance policies by Life or Property or year. Photo Albums, Recipes, Travel Records, Author’s Notes, etc.

Order an efficient, capacious, 2 ring lever arch  binder. With 6 colors to choose from, they’re ideal for organizing litigation or transactional case/client files. Plus they look great on office shelves and bookcases!