Changing the Company Name Back to “Blumberg”

Julius Blumberg

When my grandfather Julius founded the company in 1887, he gave the company his name Julius Blumberg, and the legal forms he produced came to be known as Blumberg Forms. With the new year we have returned to the name “Blumberg” as our company name, dropping the “Excelsior” that got added along the way.

The history of Blumberg is a history of names. Over the years, as the company grew and acquired other companies, we accumulated their names: Excelsior Stationery Company, Legal Stationery Company, National Legal Supply, Midstate Legal Supply , Gavit and Company Freelance Engravers and Green Industries. From the mid 1970’s to 1995 our national business was conducted under the name Excelsior-Legal, Inc, and XL Corporate Services Inc. In wholesale sales, the retail stores and our metropolitan area business, we retained the name Julius Blumberg, Inc. To reduce this complexity, all operations were united twenty-two years ago under the simplified names BlumbergExcelsior, Inc. and BlumbergExcelsior Corporate Services.

In today’s speeded-up world, however, the word “Excelsior”’ has begun to seem extraneous, adding little in the way of meaning and causing customers unnecessary difficulty as they try to pronounce and spell it. The name “Blumberg” by itself is not only simpler and truer to our roots but easier to type out and remember.  Take a look at our updated website ( and you’ll see the same change.

One thing that won’t change, after 130 years is business, is our unswerving commitment to serving the legal profession.  Thank you for your business!

Robert Blumberg