The “Company Seal”

Corporate Desk Seal
Corporate Desk Seal

The seal’s image contains the company name, state and year of organization. It is the symbol of the identity of the company.

The company seal is used to emboss the company’s significant documents, signaling that they are authorized by the Board of Directors, Members or Mangers of the company.

You can use the corporate seal to emboss, among other things;

  • bank resolution (many banks require a sealed resolution)
  • share and unit of interest certificates
  • employment and vendor contracts
  • minutes or the board of directors, members’ and managers’ meetings
  • leases, deeds and mortgages
  • agreements of sale
  • loan documents

Our corporate kits include a seal in a pouch fitted on the rings of the kit binder.

Our seals can, of course, also be purchased separately here.
Blumberg supplies it’s patented and exclusive Tell-a-Seal® label with every pocket seal at no extra cost.