Converting Prospects into Clients

Converting Prospects into Clients

In the middle of the Great Depression of the 1930s, Dale Carnegie wrote a best-selling book about marketing yourself by being attentive, friendly, and sympathetic. The book was titled How to Win Friends and Influence People. Over 30 million copies have been sold around the world. Read on for tips and resources for using Carnegie’s methods to convert prospects into clients.    

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Celerity Digital Corporate & LLC Kit

Maintain all your customized entity documents in PDF format.

Blumberg announces the launch of Celerity©, a digital corporate kit and digital LLC kit providing Blumberg customers customized entity documents in a PDF format. With a few clicks, all the key LLC or Corporation documents are compiled and stored into several PDFs available to download and store in the safety of your computer or in the cloud.

The Celerity Digital kit has everything one would expect from Blumberg’s renowned LLC and corporate kit but with instant access. One great advantage is that you can start working on your entity paperwork within a few hours of placing the order.

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Growing Income with an Estate Practice

Estate Planning Practice
Estate planning

Estate planning in the United States has evolved from English, European, and Middle Eastern traditions.  During Biblical times, custom required people to leave property to their firstborn. Centuries later in Greek and Roman times, decedents could transfer property to other people. Estate planning remained mostly unwritten until the Middle Ages when Roman Emperor Justinian adopted a law requiring written wills. The requirement for written wills was perpetuated by English statutes adopted during the Post-Medieval Period. In modern times, written estate plans are still essential for individuals wanting to distribute property to family, friends, and others of their choosing. 

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What Is Legal Translation and Why are Professional Legal Translators Necessary

Legal matters can be disconcerting on the best of days, and just like there is every reason to hire a professional lawyer, hiring a professional legal translator has more than just passing merits as well. If there is a need for professional legal translation services, chances are pretty good that there is also a need for an attorney. 

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Gaining Goodwill by Organizing Estates

Estate Planing

About four years ago, musician Prince Rogers Nelson died from an overdose of an addictive pain killer at the age of 57. He was beloved by the citizenry of his hometown but died without a living spouse, children, or parents. His relatives are now battling over his estate which is valued between $100 to $300 million. Administration of the estate is complicated by his failure to leave a will and personal financial records.

Help your clients avoid Prince’s problems by organizing their estates.

This article contains tips and resources to help clients organize important documents and personal information.

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Uncertainty, COVID-19 and Estate Planning: A Unique Opportunity to Plan

Estate Planning
By Norman J. BenfordLinda B. Hirschson and Diana S.C. Zeydel

The Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic has created personal uncertainty for many due to living in quarantine and apart from extended family members, and financial stress due to market volatility and the unclear future for some businesses. Yet, it may be a sensible time to engage in estate planning, not only because the pandemic has shown the importance of personal planning, but also because reduced asset values and historically low-interest rates enhance the ability to engage in cost-effective wealth transfers. 

This GT Alert provides a brief overview of estate planning measures that may be considered in the current environment.

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