A tax-filing checklist to help anticipate client needs.

tax-filing check list
Tax Day is coming soon. July 15th, 2020

A July 15 tax-filing checklist to help anticipate client needs.

Is a Dissolution/Withdrawal needed because of a downturn in business?

Have your clients inquired about conducting business in another state?

Will you be filing assumed names or DBAs for any of your client’s entities?

Do you have clients who might wish to change their entity name for branding purposes?

Will you be filing any mergers or conversions for client entities affected by the COVID crisis?

Should any of your clients consider reinstating or reviving inactive entities?

Do time constraints make it difficult to register sales tax for your clients’ new businesses in a timely manner?

Let the experts at BlumbergExcelsior help you efficiently anticipate your clients’ concerns and address and fulfill their business needs!

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